“When the only
tool you have is a hammer, everything starts to look
like a nail.”

-- Abraham Maslow


Preparing People

Often we hear corporate executives say “. . . our people are our most important asset . . .”  However, when asked how they protect and grow these assets, silence is generally the reply.  Many companies employ an inordinate amounts of “raw talent.”  Given the right coaching, mentoring and professional development, often raw talent can mature into real talent.  And real talent can turn lofty corporate goals and objectives into reality.  This is success.

Organizational Leadership . . .
Services built around Organizational Leadership are intended to assist senior management in identifying, nurturing and growing strong, capable leaders now and for the future.  Whether it is through personal coaching, one-on-one executive mentoring or more traditional training and development strategies, the objective is the same - - build a team of exceptional leaders throughout the organization who can execute on strategy.

Advisory Groups . . .
Concerns over the mission of an advisory group often take precedence over picking its members.  Hence, the objective here is to work closely with senior management in not only articulating the mission and purpose of an advisory groups, but; to carefully identify individual skills, talent, knowledge and reputation that can positively impact the group as a whole.

Facilitation . . .
Finance claims Sales has no regard for cost; sales scream at delivery; Marketing is overwhelmed by Technology, and so on, and so on.  “Facilitate”, according to Webster, means “to free from difficulties or obstacles; make easier; assist.”  So too, the role of the facilitator is intended to make working, communicating, collaborating and building easier among groups and peers.  Through carefully structured sessions, facilitation is designed to help people within the organization listen, understand, learn and communicate - - all in an effort to achieve some mutually beneficial goal or objective.