“The economic and technological triumphs of the past few years have not solved as many problems as we thought they would, and, in fact, have brought us new problems we did not foresee.”

-- Henry Ford II


Analyzing Process

How many times have we walked up to someone in any given department and asked “why do we do it this way”, and invariably, the answer comes back, “we have always done it this way.”  Not the kind of answer we want to hear, but likely indicative of a company in need of re-assessment and optimization.  At the end of the long corporate food chain, process is what supports us.  Process is what defines us and process is often the difference between success and failure.

Operational Readiness . . .
Operational Readiness is just that - - are the operations (internal and external) of a company ready to successfully support the vast collection of tactical challenges presented ever day.  Often the answer is maybe . . . with a little help.  Here the object is to examine, assess and optimize performance, reduce costs when able and establish metrics as a base for reward.

Technology Readiness . . .
Similar to Operation Readiness, Technology Readiness targets the sources and use of critical data and data flow.  The objective is ultimately to provide management with valuable and timely data that is both reliable and actionable.  The process carefully looks at the data collection process, data manipulation, data validation techniques, reporting and usage.  Where necessary enhancements can be planned, implementation strategies developed and project management provided to improve the information flow.

Sales Readiness . . .
Following the same approaches above, the Sales Readiness assessment process is intended to fully optimize the sales initiative through fact-based reporting, data analysis for timely forecasting and accurate tracking to support incentive and reward programs.