“. . . and what lies
behind us and
what lies before
us are tiny matters
compared with
what lies within us.”

-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Examining Purpose

How many times have we seen “The Wall Street Journal” or the financial news channels report on some major multi-national corporation who just announced a staggering quarterly loss?  Regrettably, many of these losses are associated with shutting down business units, major re-structuring charges, acquisitions gone bad or simply corporate cultures clashing in the night.  In the post analysis, however, we often find that many of these companies simply have “lost their way.”  Growth strategies that seemed like “winners” at the time were in reality inconsistent with the core business, stated growth objectives or the core competencies of the organization.

Organizational Readiness . . .
An Organizational Readiness Study is that all-important, but often ignored, on-going process of asking the pressing questions: What do we do?  What are we good at?  Where do we want to go?  Are we really capable of getting there?  Do we have the right people?  The results, while sometimes surprising, become the foundation for developing a renewed growth strategy, mission alignment or re-alignment and the all important implementation strategies.

Market and Opportunity Assessments . . .
The objective here is to take a careful look at the obvious, and sometimes not so obvious, market opportunities that are out there waiting for us, and match them to what we uncover through our Organizational Readiness work.  Together, these findings lay out the blueprint for building - - teams, talent, processes, etc.

Critical Planning and Strategy . . .
Unfortunately, regardless of the effort, many companies find themselves in a truly crisis situation - - eroding margins, declining sales, negative cash flow, increasing customer dissatisfaction, etc., etc.  Individually, any one of these problems is a major challenge.  Combined, they present a real crisis situation that requires clear thinking and decisive action.  Here, the objective is to work closely with the client in a comprehensive risk assessment mode, while at the same time bring years of “Critical Planning” experience and expertise to bear in the development of new strategy initiatives and tactical plan.